Hero Gin is the child of the craft revolution in the western Europe. In last year began to appear new brands of gin. Their creators use traditional old recipes that existed in Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany.

What is the revolution of craft gin production? Recently in western Europe small craft gin distilleries have started production according to traditional recipes, inspired by the traditional methods of producing this liquor. Craft gin is more aromatic than industrial produced gin. Even the simplest gin-based drinks gain a whole new taste.

Hero Gin is a dry gin produced in small batches. A small distillery was built in Minheim, Germany, with Hero-Wines.  Hero Gin is a simple combination of several ingredients. Its producers put in this case, however, the quality of raw materials used rather than their quantity. In the production was used juniper, lemon and orange peel, lavender and two ingredients remain secret. This simple composition gives the flower aroma and lightly fruity character expressive by a strong, but not aggressive herbal note.
This is definitely a discovery of the year! Classical gin-based drinks have gained a unique character. Hero Gin gives the classic Martini a beautiful floral aroma and citrus freshness. Negroni on the base of it tastes extremely light. Taste of Tiki drinks is perfectly blend with floral and lavender accents of Hero Gin. In pure form it perfectly improves digestion!

Producers of this gin are true HEROES who risked and creating an unusual drink. After a few shots or drinks with Hero Gin you will feel like a real hero!
You can order a Hero Gin directly from the manufacturer’s website: Hero-Wines.de
So let’s go to the tasting note, where we will discover the fullness of flavors and aromas of this gin.

Basic information:
Hero Gin – Distilled Dry Gin
Producer: Hero Wines
Alcohol content: 40,4%
Price: 29,99€/0,5l

Eye: Ideally clear, slightly opalescent in the light. Chilled becomes slightly oily.
Nose: When the alcohol is cracked, the sweet smell of flowers spreads to the forehead. It’s accompanied by a very light aroma of lavender. Next to the floral aroma, there is a scent of citrus. In the background delicate scent of coniferous trees. You can also feel the subtle aroma reminiscent of dried fruit. With such a simple mixture of ingredients was created really rich and delicious aroma!
Taste: As standard for gin, juniper is the main note. Interesting is that you can taste both the fruit and the needle. This can be the result of the use of fresh juniper fruit. Next comes the intense citrus flavor and the sweetness of lemon peel. In the background you can sense the sweet floral flavor and gently tingling taste like fresh chives or fennel. On the palate you can still find the taste of nuts.
Finish: The aftertaste is short. It is intensely resinous, gently peppery with a hint of dried spices. Pleasant warming up.